My Coding Projects

For my portfolio page I will be demonstrating a few projects that I have completed in the coding language java. I am proficient in Java, HTML, and CSS. The projects in my GitHub display my proficiency in Java and my understanding of different data structures.

In the programs that I wrote for this project, the goal was to show my ability to take input from the user and return output onto the console in an organized way. The programs are split into three different difficulties novice, adept, and Jedi. Each of the three programs takes in input and returns the desired output. Further details about the programs can be read in this link to the project https://github.com/COMP210Spring21/a1-java-warmup-frchase

The goal for this program that I wrote was to demonstrate my knowledge and ability to use a linked list data structure. In the code, I write several different algorithms using the linked list data structure to efficiently sort data. Here is the link to this project https://github.com/COMP210Spring21/a2-linked-list-frchase

This program was created using a Binary Search Tree. My program was written to properly sort incoming data into a binary search tree algorithm. The binary search tree is an efficient data structure and my code for this project can be found at this link below https://github.com/COMP210Spring21/a3-bst-frchase/blob/main/src/a3/BSTImpl.java